Sunday, August 7, 2016

Angels with Needles


Angels with needles

We were reflecting on Saturday’s “Little Dresses for Girls in Africa” and it started us thinking about how complete strangers go out of their way to do things for others to help ease the pain that they are going through. These kind souls will make and give to certain organisations things that they have made. They never meet the recipients but they know that they will be appreciated and loved.
Two such organisations that started in Australia in the early 1990’s are in some way linked by a similar idea. They are BLANKETS FOR LOVE  and ANGEL BLANKETS AUSTRALIA .
Both organisations have volunteers who make beautiful little quilts that are given to mother’s who lose their babies through miscarriage, still birth or neo-natal death. These special babies are wrapped in these tiny quilts when they are given to their mother to nurse and spend some time with them. The mothers get to keep the quilts as a remembrance of this very precious time.
Blankets for Love was founded in 1992 by two sisters, one a midwife and one a quilter. The idea started at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital a major Hospital in Sydney Australia where they saw the need to make this sad time for parents who have lost their child, have some meaning as a celebration of the baby’s birth and a symbol that the baby is precious and significant.
As news of this special idea came out quilting groups across Australia started making little quilts the size of a nappy/diaper and donating them to hospitals all over Australia. The program has now spread across the world.
The other organisation with a similar theme is Angel Blankets Australia. These beautiful little crochet or knitted blankets are the size of an A4 piece of paper. They also try to support families dealing with with the loss of a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth. When something goes wrong in a pregnancy, it allows the hospital to present the baby to the parent(s) to be held if they are 14-23 weeks old in a beautiful little blanket.
One such Angel who makes these beautiful crocheted blankets is one of our friends and supporters Kerry Mortimer. Kerry lives in Victoria, Australia and she made these beautiful crocheted little blankets. We always feel that people that do these selfless acts of kindness are very special people. Thank you Kerry on behalf of all the parents who have found some comfort through your blankets.
If you know of and Angel who uses their needle for “Acts of Kindness” we would like to hear about them. Please use the email facility under the “contact” tab above, as we would like to recognise them and highlight the charity and work they do.
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