Monday, March 21, 2016

A TV Programme About Samplers

One of the most exquiste band samplers to be seen at Witney Antiques is from the mid  17th century. It was stitched using silks with intense shades of blue, green and red. Previously it belonged to Emma-Henrietta Schiff von Suvero an Austrian Jewess. Following a forced sale by the Nazis it was held in what is now  the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna unseen for seventy years.
The sampler, together with several others, was featured in a talk given by Joy Jarrat for Antiques TV.
For anyone who has an interest in samplers this is a must watch video (probably more than once).
Witney Antiques is holding an exhibition this summer where their extensive collection can be viewed. Please see a previous POST for details.


marly said...

Thank you! Would not have seen this if not for you!

Teri said...

Enjoyed the video. Thank you for sharing!