Monday, March 10, 2008

Hardanger Needleroll

I'm sorry that I haven't been able to blog lately. My DH has been ill with pnemonia and I haven't been able to get onto the computer. He is on the mend now thank goodness, but is still a bit weak.

Anyway I decided that I would like to do something small in Hardanger for a little while and this is the result. It is from the last JCS Christmas Ornament Issue and is designed by Victoria's Sampler. I think it is so delicate. I love doing Hardanger and every now and then I usually do a doilly or two and give them away as presents to my family. My Sister has a lovely collection of them.

Margaret Gibson is coming along nicely. I decided to do one side of the border as this is always the part of a sampler that is my least favourite. I decided to break the border 4 pieces. I have finished the top piece. Now I am on the right hand side and when I finish this I will finish the left hand vases near the house and then do the left hand side. Underneath the house I have to do Margarets name, Dalkeith and the year and then the bottom border and then she will be finished.

I have been intrigued over the last week or two by the fact that my Dad is going to visit something really special on Wednesday.

I have always been aware that this special Royal Carriage was being built for the Queen in Sydney but I didn't quite realise how "Special" it was.

This carriage is called the "State Coach Britannia" and is being built as a gift to celebrate the Queens Golden Jubilee. It is being built by a very special man who also built the only other carriage that has been added to the Royal Mews since 1902. The other carriage was a gift to the Queen by the Australian Government to celebrate Australia's Bi-Centenary.

What interests me with the new carriage is the things that have been included in the building of it. There are for instance pieces of wood from many very famous places. The crown on top of the coach is from a piece of wood of the ship "Victory", which was the ship that Lord Nelson died on in the Battle of Trafalgar. There is also wood from the ship "Mary Rose" - Henry VIII flag ship. Pieces also from the "Queen Mary" and also the Royal Ship "Britannia".

There is also a lead bullet from a musket from the Battle of Waterloo. A piece of Lancaster Bomber that took part in the "Dambusters". Wood from many famous Cathedrals, and Palaces in England and also a piece of wood from Mawson's Hut in Antartica.

I love history and I find all this quite amazing. Unfortunately I am no good at linking things. If you are interested in reading more and seeing incredible photos of this beautiful carriage just type in "State Coach Britannia" into your search engine. If you are interested in history you will be quite amazed. I think this beautiful coach is nearly finished and before departing to England will go on a tour of Australia.

If you go to the web site called then click onto the first photo of 30 small photos - the site will then go into slide show mode and you can see how beautiful this carriage is inside and out. Check out the door handles. (I tried to link this site for you but unfortunately it didn't work for me). Believe me it is worth all the effort.


Lapplisor said...

Hi Sandra
It does wrong to me that you had such ensureful weeks.
I hope much that health everything becomes better.

Your work is very beautiful.
Your hard meadow work is so fine, and to the marvelous Margaret Gibson are soon finished you!
You were very industrious me are pleased that you as much over those Australian - English history to report knows. That is to be experienced for me most interesting.
I wish you a beautiful week. Greeting from Germany

Yuko said...

Beautiful hardanger!!
I love the linen and thread colour match, very much!
It's so adorble!

Wendy said...

I love the VS ornament! I was sorely tempted to give that one a try when I saw the magazine. Its gorgeous!!

Your Sampler is making great progress too.

Thanks for the link and info on the Britannia coach. I am a history buff too. I'll go now and read more about it.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Sandra,

Oh dear. I'm sorry to hear that your DH has been sick with Pneumonia. What a nasty thing that is. I'm glad to hear that he's doing better and is on the mend.

Margaret Gibson is so beautiful. I've said it before, and I'll keep on saying it until you're finished with it. I guess boarders can be the most tedious part of a project, and they can be the place where you mess up most often. I tend to get complacent, start stitching away mindlessly, and make a mistake.

Your hardinger piece also turned out amazing and so sweet. I love how it's finished into a neat little shape like it is. A bon bon shape perhaps?

What a fantastic treasure that State Coach is going to be, with all those pieces of history crafted into it. I'll be looking it up via Google when I'm through here. Thank you for telling us about it.

Did you ever see the Mary Rose during your travels in England?? My DH and I saw her during our honeymoon trip in 1990. What an amazing thing it was to see a part of a ship that sank hundreds of years ago and was lost for all of that time. I love things like that.


brodstitch said...

HAPPY Easter!
Thanks to those who come to read my blog and "welcome" to the newcomers

Joanie said...

Hey there! It's been awhile and you've been on my mind! Hope you are well...Margaret Gibson looks terrific and that hardanger piece is just beautiful.

Email if you get a chance...hope the DH is well and all is ok with you.